At Paradis Winslet, we hold our products in the highest regard, understanding theirsignificance as limited-edition luxury pieces

Please take note of our repair services policy:

Limited Replacement Parts:
Due to the exclusive nature of our frames, we have a finite supply of replacement parts per frame. While we cannot guarantee exact matches, we are commibed to preserving the original design essence. We will do our utmost to offer an equivalent part for your repair. Ini:a:ng a Repair:
If the frame was directly purchased from PWNY, kindly email to begin your repair request.
If the product was acquired from one of our esteemed optical partners, please reach out to them directly to commence the repair process.

Warranty Repairs:
For all warranty repairs, we will require an original purchase receipt for validation.
Out-of-Warranty Repairs:
Subject to parts availability, we may accept out-of-warranty repairs for a nominal fee. Repair costs will be con:ngent on the item and the nature of the required repair. Prior to proceeding, our team will provide a detailed estimate for your consideration.
Invoicing and Turnaround Time:
Should you choose to move forward, you will be invoiced for the quoted amount. Additionally, an estimated turnaround for your repair will be provided. Should you wish to submit a repair request, kindly email us at
Your support and trust in Paradis Winslet, is deeply appreciated, and we look forward to serving you.




Paradis Winslet places great emphasis on ensuring that each of our products strictly adheres to our quality standards and has passed all necessary technical and aesthetics checks.
Our warranty guarantees that should any part of your frame or other collec:ble be found defective in either material or manufacture, it will be repaired or replaced at no cost within one year of the delivery date. If your product is declared defective by our team and meets our one-year warranty criteria from the delivery date, we offer the following solutons to the customer or giJ

recipient, as applicable:
1. PWNY may send you the same product subject to availability; or PWNY may propose
an exchange for another item of equivalent or higher value, in which case the ini:al price
will be deducted, and, if applicable, you will be required to pay only the difference. OR
2. If the product is deemed defec:ve within the original return window and guidelines,
PWNY will offer you an opportunity to choose another pair same to the original
purchase (if available) if not, you are eligible to choose another pair you please without
any addi:onal charges other than express shipping fees.
We require the original receipt for ALL products where the customer is reques:ng a
replacement or repair.
Addi:onally, our warranty does not cover scratched lenses due to normal wear and tear
or damage caused by mishandling, accidents, or unauthorized repair or altera:on. It is
important to understand that items damaged due to wear and tear are not considered
For consumers who are covered by consumer protec:on laws or regula:ons in the
country of purchase, or if different, their country of residence, the benefits conferred by
our warranty are in addi:on to any and all rights and remedies conveyed by such
consumer protec:on laws and regula:ons and our warranty does not exclude or
otherwise limit any of the rights and remedies conveyed by such laws and regula:ons.
For more informaton, please contact us at